Why would my ex tell me that?

Me and my ex were having a casual conversation.. then he piped up saying him and his new girlfriend haven't had sex yet.. and that he practically lives with her? yet the day before he said how much he misses me? What on earth is his problem? Like he's not my concern anymore.


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  • he's probably trying to find anyway to still talk to you. he most likely misses you very much if he's coming up with random things like that to talk about

    • Its just weird. We don't talk anymore.. haven't spoken in a few days.. but im still like wtf? He's just weird and strange.. does he really think i care?🤔

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    • But he ended it? Thats what i don't understand.. But i dont want contact with him for a while. Even deleted facebook.🙄 Focusing on myself.. best thing to do. And find someone else.

    • yea, worst things for guys is knowing what they lost and trying to get it back. I agree you do you

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