Depressed like hell?

i am really depressed anyone wanna help can dm me


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  • I think you should go see a therapist or a councillor. They help a lot.

  • Is there a reason you're depressed?

    • yep i got a lot of reasons

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    • and many more

    • Well.. that sucks, but it will get better. Trust me I've been through all of that, except the diary. You know if there's any way I can help you just tell me.
      Losing the love of your life and being betrayed by a friend really hurts, especially if there's been a short period of time between those events. I don't know what happened with your love, but the betrayal can be forgiven, if you're willing to. Of course there's always be something that's gonna stay, a little part of it, but with time it's gonna get better. For a short time you'll feel like it's getting worse, but then you'll feel better and better. Just know that, if not everything is okay, then it's not the end. At the end it's all fine. Trust me.

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