Has she lost interest?

My Ex girlfriends and I broke up. We are in a stage were we are friends. We are working on our relationship problems as friends. We agreed to hang out with girls and guys we do NOT find attractive. She said she wants to wait a month and a half before we date again. She said she's not planning to hurt me or anything. So she knows she has to say yes. She has been hanging out with guys my age. (23-26) She is 18.

Recently, she has not contacted me at all. For no reason at all. I always have to contact her and if I don't we go days without contact. It seems like sometimes when I call her, she answers the phone and says "What?". Then for the rest of the time she rude.

She doesn't seem happy to see me anymore and doesn't really talk to me as much as we use to.
After everything me and her agreed on, do you think she trying to slide away?


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  • dude. take this bitter truth. she moved. n trying herself to adjust with someone else. n its done. stick to ur life. move on there is much more in life.

    trust me. i been through this more than couple of times

  • She's moved on and so should you...


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