Broken hearteds?

broke up with go after 2 years she was my first love she just left me and I haven't spoken to her since and all I do is see her face I want to forget her but it is so hard.


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  • I got dumped by my first love because of distance (it was a long-distance relationship), and then my mom died a couple months after, and I don't know what happened but I shut down then was perfectly fine. I would've been fucked up for years man.

    • thanks so much for your input buddy it means a lot and I'm glad your ok buddy thankyou always nice to know there's more than one out there

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    • profile pic. I don't have a profile pic lol.

    • Oh lol ok sorry dude I keep having nightmares to

  • So sad to hear that. Give yourself sometime to heal, u'll get over it soon i hope :)


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