My girlfriend broke up with me a month ago and now she says she misses me and wants to see me.. does she want to reconcile?

My girlfriend of a year and half broke up with me. I was at university in my first and year and she was at home and we made it work, she started uni the year after 100 miles away from me and she changed as a person because of it! After a while she said and didn't have time for the relationship hence why it didn't work and she ended the relationship saying I deserve better etc, ( I know she hasn't cheated or anything like that she's not like that type of girl) a month ago she said it's not my fault she couldn't balance a relationship her parents and the stress of work so she saw us as a problem gave up didn't trying to work it out, ended up not caring and broke us up. Even though she says she loves me all the time makes me true love pictures etc.. For the past month I've been upset and tried to convince her for the first week of the brake up and she said no she can't have a relationship now in the summer or later on. She just wanted to be friends and be there for me but I declined the offer and said I don't do friends. We haven't spoken in a month as I didn't want and wanted to do no contact, in this period of time I've been really upset thinking why she can give up that easy etc etc while I see her in social media getting drunk and having a good time like it was a relief to her.. Anyways a few days ago she messaged me saying have a good time as I was going to Rome for the weekend and posted it on ig ( Instagram) and she said have a good time out of the blue after a month of nc, I said thankyou I will, and then she said can we meet up after you finished your exams and I've finished mine next week I said I don't mind.. why do you want to meet up! and she said okay I'm free whenever I just want to see you, I miss you.. I said okay good luck with your exams and I'll speak to you next week and didn't say I miss you too. My question is does she regret braking up and does she want to reconcile with us after she said that after nc? or am I getting my hopes up?


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