I feel that my ex girlfriend is making bad decisions in response to our break up. Should I fight and try to help her stop?

We've been together for 3 years and I had to move out of the country so we broke up. We are each other's first loves. We kept talking long distance with some intimacy. I tried to act as friends but she kept treating me as though we were still together. Suddenly 3 weeks ago she becomes very aggressive towards me and starts treating me differently. Yesterday she blocks me on all social media and tells me that she has been dating someone for the past 3 weeks and that she has no more feelings towards me. She also stopped answering my calls. I have been devastated since but for some reason I can't stay away from her as I want to help her. She has started drinking and smoking as well. I feel that she is getting into a "rebound relationship". I also feel that these bad decisions is her response to me; however, I can't stop caring for her and I feel that I need to stay in her life somehow to help her stop drinking and smoking and hurting herself with another relationship. (note I know for a fact that they will break up again as we live in a religious area, i don't want her to be hurt again). I just want to see her happy no matter how much she hurt me. Sorry for the long description but I would love your advice on what I should do. I couldn't help but text her today, asking her to give me a chance to talk to her.


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  • seems like u are following ur heart and there's nothing better than that. try to help her, i would do the same i reckon

    • She just really devastated me when she told me that she had no feelings for me. For some reason I feel that she does? Or am I just refusing to accept it? I'm trying to help her but all she does is ignore my texts and calls which really makes me look sad

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