My depressed boyfriend (ex) broke up with me but wants to remain friends, why?

My boyfriend has been suffering with depression for over 3 months now and it has effected our relationship as a result. Initially when we met and for the first 3/4 months we were very happy together and really enjoyed each others company and loved each other very much. We did both still love each through the stages of his depression however it became harder for us to move forward as he couldn't see any posties in anything within his life - He said this had nothing to do with me it was other issues outside of our relationship he had issues with (work, family, the past) I have done my most to support him regardless but equally this has been difficult for myself as I have ended up receiving negative information.

On numerous occasions we have talked about whether its worth us being together right now based on what he is going through. I personally would want to stay with him in a relationship but equally I am struggling with the situation. He has also said he feels selfish for bringing me in with him into this at this difficult time and just wants to make me happy. He is currently taking medication and his is also receiving counselling so is doing something about it.

Previously we have nearly broken up but ended up staying together because we both love and care for each other so much. However yesterday he told me he couldn't continue our relationship anymore as he is struggling with his illness and needs to get better on his own - I have been so sad as this is the last thing I want however I know it may be for the best. I said I will be there for him if he needs me but equally I feel I will struggle to remain friends with someone I love. He made it clear he wants to remain friends and speak now and again but I was unsure if this would be right or not.

Do you think I should still speak with him as friends? Do you think he may potentially he may be wanting to stay friends in hope we could get back together in the future?
My depressed boyfriend (ex) broke up with me but wants to remain friends, why?
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