Guys, How long after breaking up with your ex would you like to start a new relationship?

how long after breaking up with your ex girlfriend would be a good time for pursuing a new relationship, meaning wanting to ask some other girl to be your gf?

anwser it only if you are around 25 or above, thanks
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  • As long as it takes. Some people feel trapped by their relationships and so it's simple to see why they move on so quick. Others, it's like losing a part of your life and finding your independence again may be priority.

    I'm in the later of those two and due to the circumstances, I've gained trust issues that might take me a long time to work on before I can keep those issues to myself wholly and prevent them from dominating my stance in a relationship.

    But I believe this is a very open topic with many different justifiable answers based on context.


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What Guys Said 3

  • It depends on many things. If it was a long relationship, say four years and your first love, so intimate that you think you won't ever have it again, then that's prolly gonna take a long time. Can't even take a guess. Now would it be possible just to fool around to forget no matter how wrong? If you force it, sure.

    Now if it was a whatever relationship, you wouldn't care to wait at all. It depends on the love and how important the person was for you.

  • it depends on length and seriousness of the relationship. But i think around 1 year would be optimum time.

  • The sooner the better as I'm 34 and I'm sure I will have to weed out people and life is to short to sit around feeling sorry.


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