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Hey guys me and this girl was on and off for 2 years she has a 1 year old and I have no kids we're both 25 I'm more of the school dude she's more of the hood type, anyways long story short she had just gotten out of an abusive relationship with her bd and I came in the pic and gave her a place to stay. she couldn't get a job, met her family and was at both of her sons bday parties from age 1-2 and helped her with her son, diapers, takin him to daycare etc and helping her finacinally, being at the hospital with her when she OD on molly and stuff... me and her son have a bond, she did sonethings in the beginning of our relationship or what she likes to call the talkin stage that i couldn't forgive her fpr and that she lied bout like sleepin with another dude in my house, so i would get with her and break up with her and de ja vu all over again, pretty much a cycle... fast forward a little bit later she got her place and a job and i broke up with her bcaz we got into bout her past and her hurting... a week later i try to reconcile and she says no that i can't keep going back and forth with her and thats not fair to her son who loves me and i love him... so 2 weeks later i try to surprise her with a note and real flowers and roses and she has another dude at her place some guy she use to mess with in her past and when i confronted them she aak wtf was i doing out there and told me to left and i told her when she was down and out she didn't call him, you called me and i was there.. im so devastated and hurt all that time and emotion invested and 3 weeks later she already has another dude from her past there visiting her and her son in her new house... will she regret losing a good guy like me and will I ever hear from her again... I know she's doing her thing with this dude... I just want her to hurt like i am if she ever comes back... I do still kinda lover her... I'm just so hurt... I haven't seen the son since me and her broke up he's 2 by the way now...


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  • never keep throwing the past in someone's face. That's like slapping someone in the face with every little mistake they are trying to still heal from day to day. that's abusive. probably why she held a lot of resentment seeking out comfort from another man.
    another thing is. the on and off shananagens is due to lack of trust and lots of selfishness.
    if you're ever in that position again. learn from it.. always bring someone up no matter what mistakes they're making. 2 wrongs don't make a right. always be the better Samaritan.
    children will always be a sticky situation. always make good choices that suite what you want and what you're mentally, physically and financially mature enough to handle.
    May the force be with you!!!


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