How do I convince a guy who I like to go camping again?

Well today is his birthday

Secondly I got him a b day gift

And he knows I have a gift

His uncle can come along again

And problem is he has a girlfriend now and I don't like her really and secondly they shouldn't be together because he was kidding around for asking her to be his girlfriend

Because he isn't ready for a relationship and the me and the girl he was kidding around with knew that and her best friend so he knows three people like him and 2 of them are best friends and I am OK friends with them

But him and I were FWB & one was a cuddle buddy and f*** if I know about the other chick

But the best friends are probably are still not getting along secretly but yeah

And I only known this guy for 5 months

And he admitted to all of us he isn't ready for a relationship and more likely he's moving in the summer or fall because he has a 3 year old child and he just turned 27 today and all of us range from almost 20-21

(GIRLS) not him

And I mus admit I was a VIRGIN b4 I met him and I Lost my virginity 2 him and I was in a relationship for 3 years and a bit 2-3 months b4 I met him...Like now me and my x haven't dated for almost been separated for 7 months and he was my first boyfriend and I was his first gf. And I also admitted to this guy who I want to go camping with and etc about a week ago I have feelings for him :(


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  • You dated some poor guy for three years, he obviously cared about you and you didn't want to have sex with him.

    Then you go and bang some random guy who doesn't give a damn about you.

    I'm glad it all turned out bad for you, you deserve it.

    And as a bonus God will smithe thee.


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  • ask.. that's all you can do

  • Well you can ask him. If he wants to go with you he will. If you have a friends with benefits relationship with someone chances are you will have feelings for them...

    • Yeh I do have feelings for da guy and I admitted it to him and that was 3-5 days b4 his bday and ugh there is so much I can say :(

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  • Well I would answer your question, if I knew what the hell you were going on about?


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