How Do I Let Her Down Gently?

A mutual friend set me up on a date with her best friend. I went, she likes me... but I'm not in to her that way, but do think that she would make a good friend and i"d enjoy hanging out with her.

How is the best way of telling her this and when should I do it?


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  • Do it as soon as possible, you don't to keep leading her on and have her thinking that you want something, it would be unfair. Just simply tell her that you don't think you two would work but you guys would work as friends. Be very sincere and genuine when telling her.

  • Next time you see tell her how you feel and only say " I just want to be friends with you" if you really mean because most girls think guys just say it to make her feel better...i don't want hear what you're not going to do...thats unfair. first tell her how much you like hanging out with her and that you want hang out again but as friends. its really simple...don't comlicate need to tell her straight out. tell her next time you see her in person...if you lead her on for a few weeks that anxiety and butterflies that builds up will make her really disappointed.


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