Why is my ex taking her anger out on me? Or it feels like it...

Me and my ex have been broken up for about 5 months now, started talking again thought it would be okay. But recently she started lashing out on me, even when I make a joke, she does not laugh and accuses me for saying a horrible joke, and that I don't respect other people. Yet its a very simple joke like saying, keep shiny objects away from me, I might get distracted. She then just flips on me saying you know what people do have problems like that and its no laughing matter. I was shocked and said I was sorry, she was cold and kept on ranting on me. I know she has been going through a bit of a rough patch, but its kinda hard to cheer somebody up when they do this. Has this ever happened to anybody else?


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  • No, it hasn't happened to me, but it sounds like you have a big heart and she knows it. She may be acting cold toward you because she may still have feelings for you, I know most woman try and hide there feelings because most fear rejection. And since the relationship is over, there may be left over feelings she is keeping hidden and is lashing out at you so you never find out. Try talking to her about face to face., ask her what's wrong and tell her how you feel. And it sounds to me like your hurting, so take care of your self first off.

    Best of luck and god bless!

    • Wow maybe that explains why my ex was soo cold towards me

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