Why do guys remains friends with an ex girlfriend they say is psycho?

My boyfriend and I were first together in HS. He was my first. Over the years, we stayed friends. I got married and had a daughter. We are both 35 now. 3 years ago he moved back to TX and we started our relationship again for the first time since we were teenagers. He never got married or had kids.He did get in a 6yr relationship with a woman 15 years older than him(not a sugar mama, more like ex stripper leach). He is wonderful to my daughter.We remained long distance friends during their and my relationship. They had a bad breakup...she went psycho. She is an ex stripper that even got sued by a prior married boyfriend's wife because she broke up their marriage.Now she moved back to TX and they are friends again. I wouldn't have a problem with this if he hadn't told me all this horrible stuff she did to him in the past. Is he having a mid30s crisis?


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  • I have a friend who is dating a psycho...kinda the same situation except she wasn't a stripper. Except he was married (no kids) and she(psycho) was married and had a child. I'd say his ex wife is NOT the psycho but the girl he's with (who, btw, absolutely WILL NOT divorce her husband even though she insisted that my friend get a divorce before she moved in) is the crazy one. In my friend's situation, he's very VERY scared of being alone and tries to please everyone, all of the time. Since he got back together with this woman, her two year old has moved in with her and now sleeps between my friend and his girlfriend as if my friend is her father. It's a mess. I don't know how much this situation is helping you except that I can tell you that in my friend's case, he's very scared of being alone and hurting other people's feelings. His ex wife loathes his new girlfriend but would still be friendly to my friend if he left said girlfriend. I happen to think that if the new girlfriend ever decided to get back with her husband, my friend would try to make things work with his ex wife...because he's scared to be alone.

    • Thanks for commenting but that's not like my situation at all. In my case, it is the exgirlfriend that is psycho. My boyfriend isn't the loner/needy type. I think he just likes the attention and won't admit it. I'm getting sick of it though.

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