He cheated on her and is now back with her?

I dated a guy for 6 months, first he had a girlfriend but cheated on her with me for a couple of weeks( I know I was wrong, but I loved him for a long time before that), and left her. We dated for a while and things ended but we stayed friends... Now his brother tells me he is back with his ex girlfriend. I don't get it... I guess I know now I was the rebound, but I mean, he told me so many things about her, about not being happy with her and all... Does that mean those 6 months with me were a total lie?

And I am pretty sure she doesn't even know he cheated on her. I am so mad right now, I feel like I was used.


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  • What else did you expect?

    Did you expect a guy who cheated on his girl friend to be faithful to you?

    • I guess... now I see I shouldn't have,. but first he made me feel like the only girl in the world so I thought things would be different

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  • Eh.. it kinda depends really like if the other girl left him or he left her.. If she left him he probably was talking sh*t about her so that that way he can feel better about him losing this perfect girl.. but if he left her.. then I don't know you may be one of the girls that he says fall striclyt into the "friends" category and the other girl he was with was "girlfriend" catgory hope this helps

    • Yeah he left her that first time, and told me he wasn't happy with her for a long time

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  • You WEREN'T used , but it is FUNNY that you feel that way CONSIDERING you were the one he cheated with . It's AMAZING what someone will tell you to EASE your mind when you are BOTH doing the WRONG thing. If she was all that BAD do you really think he would have went BACK to her ? If that's the case he could have STAYED with you OR been with someone else. He TOLD you what you WANTED to hear in order to be with you. You two stayed TOGETHER for 6 months so I WONT say it was all a lie , but you see where he ended up. DON'T be MAD be happy. . . Happy that she DIDN'T cheat with your boyfriend and happy that at least for NOW it's all OVER.


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