Ex boyfriend butt dialed me & left a voice mail.. stupid way of making me jealous?

At first its of the TV I'm guessing. its so loud I can't even hear anything & then you can hear a female voice yelling "stop" & then saying something else.. & conversation follows but I can't pick out what its saying. He has a blackberry curve... does this happen often or this he purposely dial my number? or an accident. What do you think?


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  • Honestly I god a blackberry curve and I don't know if its a glitch or its f***ed up but my phone has pocket dialed people before and for some reason its always the same person lol. At the same time it would be him purposely dialing you so that you can answer and hear what going on.. Really depends on the type of guy he is and how ur relationship stodd before it ended

    • Yeah he's called me a few time before but I didn't really answer and then he tells me he pocket dialed me... & it always happens to be me. I don't believe it cause he would of left a voice mail like today... The relationship is at a weird moment right now.. he moved out of state & stopped calling me then told me he's coming back & he's on his way & then stopped contact again. This was all like 2 days ago & now I'm getting this weird voicemail.

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    • At this point no because it seems like he's trying to mess with my head.

    • Chang ur number then.

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