What would you do with him?

So I asked this guy if he still liked me (we dated before) he said "yeah I like and care about you a lot".But one of my friends said after we stopped dating he became a man whore and has a lot of different girlfriends now.We didn't even do anything when we dated except hug(because I was to shy to try anything and he was to scared to make a move on me) so I don't know why he would say that, there's nothing to miss.I don't know what I should do with him?


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  • See a guy does not miss a girl for anything physical he did..its because of the feelings and attraction he feels for her..so you don't need to wonder why he would miss you..

    About the rumors you heard about his affairs..you should yourself research first and find the reality.Don't take any decision before that.

    • Is there any reason he won't call me after I told him I liked him to?... I know he has been flirting with a lot of girls but I'm not sure if he did anything with any of them...

    • I don't think your telling him that you like his calling you can be a reason for his not calling...

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  • forget about him. right now he's just playing the field. when I was with my ex (we were together for 3 years) we hadn't done anything, and when we broke up I flirted with A LOT of guys (I never had sex with anyone.) until I found a guy who I love now :] I liked my ex for a while after we broke up, even though I was with other people I was really trying to find someone who would stimulate me both mentally and physically like he did, and now I found someone better than him :)


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