Can girls break complete contact with old lovers ?

its hard to explain but I always think about my opinion they can never do that if the relationship is departed on a good note///what have you guys got to say about it


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  • If the relationship ended on good terms, why not just be friends? If they were together, they must have liked each other's company so why remove the person from your life just because the romantic feelings aren't there anymore? I'll admit I'd be uncomfortable if my boyfriend were still good friends with his exes, but if the relationships happened years ago then I would just have to bite my tongue about it (especially if they're in relationships anyway).

    But to answer your question, it's definitely still possible to break contact as long as the guy (or guys) in question don't matter at all anymore. My first boyfriend and I stopped talking when I broke up with him. He'd still try to talk to me but I had no interest in being friends. He cheated on me with one of my friends. I figured the loyalty wasn't there so why remain friends? The guy I was seeing a few years back is still in my life, but if my boyfriend were uncomfortable with our frenemy-type relationship, I would cut ties with him without a problem. He's just another person to talk to when I'm bored anyway. But my most recent ex is like one of my best guy friends. If he ever needed me, I'd be there in a heartbeat because that love will always be there. My boyfriend just has to accept that for what it is.


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