Million time question but, I like him? This is different.

In a relationship so damn long... I broke up, wanted to be single.. Then found out he cheated on me.. Pretty disgruntled.. Met lots of guys, kinda rebound.. and during the rebound.. I find a guy I really like..

But, I don't want to f*** his head up cause of my past relationships?

What do I do?

  • Get with him, hope for the best?
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  • Wait it out til I'm fully stable and know I'm ready months down the line?
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  • Don't even meet him cause I'll get hurt in the end up?
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  • Explain this to him, if it comes down to it and talk about it?
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  • Not get with him at all?
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  • Say absolutely nothing about your past relationships. The guy you now like does not want to hear about them. Because you're on a guilt and embarrassment trip over them he'll sense it, he'll sense the hurt, the weaknesses that then made you go with "lots of guys" on the rebound will fundamentally unsettle him (will she do it again if I upset her; does she need to be validated by flirting with and fawning over a range of guys) and abunch of questions will arise. You wil end up f*****ng his head up in a self-fuilfilling prophecy way, simply because you indulged your ego a bit by raking up the past and seeking his reaction to it. Silence is golden. I'm a UK guy. Trust me on this. So go with the new nice guy. He's the best antidote to the cheater. Move on with him and wait before you f*** him

    • I'm an irish girl and I usually know what I'm talking about too.. Anyway.. I disagree slightly there.. I think I should be honest with him that I could be slightly jealous or could be this.. or could be unfair or moody.. like I don't want him getting himself into something that he thinks is something different to what it will be.. Okay I understand not slapping up my relationships and stuff to him.. I noticed he's a little jealous already so.. and it wasn't rebound.. it was kinda..

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    • So maybe it's more complicated than I thought. Still think it's best not to dwell on the past so he doesn't think you're wanting to relive old relationships esp if he's looking a little jealous already... us boys and male egos! So yeah...I think go with things and if he asks you out keep it light and flirty. Doesn't sound like he's The One though. Anyway I've got a moody girlfriend on my hands myself now...I've cancelled her for this afternoon's footie ...I'm in s**t. Hope it goes really well for you.

    • Why should I go out with him and jump into things and keep it light and flirty when if I just stay meeting him for ages and it is light and flirty without me trying then I don't have to worry about the whole relationship thing. Ahhh.. I don't know if he's "the one" but, he is probably the most decent lad I've met, physically and mentally so I do really like him. He knows that and he told me he likes me too but, ya know... people say stuff.. Thanks and hope she stops being moody..

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  • tell him. I guess I am also in the other side of such a situation and the thing I would wish was communication.
    (her friend told me she had lots of rebounds, I also got told by 2 girls in a few years she has something for me)

    I can't be out there and go for a girl that has a boyfriend already (she has one but he treats her badly and won't break up).

    I will do nothing till it won't change so I better look for my own instead of being the white knight bullshit I always was.
    until you don't tell the guy he will keep this way and if you want to do something it is always the best decision to actually do something.

  • Girl you have a killer rack! With a pair like that you can f*** with anyone's head... if you're also f***ing him normally, that is.

    Seriously, don't worry, relax, just be honest from the start.

    • Forget about my rack.. I don't want to f*** with his head :\ And I won't be f***ing him for awhile, not gonna jump inta anything stupid like.. It's scary coming out of such a serious relationship.. and knowing I could get that hurt again with someone else

    • Looks like you've made up your mind already.

      Back to your rack, it sounds a bit unfair to me that your ex boyfriend - the cheater - got to play with it and the good guy you like will never have that honor...

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