How do I know if he is being honest with me about everything?

so I know I'm a horrible person for this... But I'm with a guy that's going threw a divorce and still living with his soon to be ex wife... she doesn't know about me because she thinks that they shouldn't see other people until its final... I ended up getting pg by him and he wanted me to abort it because if she found out he would loose his son for good that he has with her... I ended up miscarrying due to all the stress. I have been having some crazy thoughts l8tly bout if he is lying to me or not. He doesn't see me as much as he used to when we first got together. he says its because of work and her but I don't know if he is cheating ON ME with other girls... I know that he has slept with his son to be ex sense we have been together but idc because its kinda expected with him still living with her. but I don't know how I should be taking this relationship. I do love him with all my heart. but how do I know if he is being honest with me about everything?


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  • How long has he been going through this divorce?

    • Idk. we met and got together at the end of April.... he said it will be final July 3rd.... but idk. I haven't seen any paperz.

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    • Yeah.... that's pretty much out a few of my family members look at it. that I'm his "mistress" and I have talked to him about it a lot and he always says I'm not he does want to be with me and blah blah blah... so idk. I'm kinda confused on our relationship at this point.

    • Well the cliche is the man never leaves the wife for the "other woman". The reason why it's a cliche is because it's true...

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  • you obviously have no respect for yourself. Do yourself and the mans wife a favor. LEAVE THEM ALONE. You should tell the wife what you have done and stay out of it all. You should be so ashamed. I am sorry that you lost your baby, hun...just be smart!

    • I have tried to end it and tell her.. he won't let me.. or I would have by now because trust me I DO NOT like being the "second woman". he won't let me leave him and he won't let me talk to her.. its like he has some kinda hold on me... I AM ashamed for this whole thing and I DO have respect for myself its just getting him to let me go that's the hard part.

    • I would block his number and get a restraining order against him. He has some serious issues! At this point I wouldn't even tell his wife now...just cut off all contact from him. Send him a text message (don't call) and make it very clear that you want nothing to do with him and if he comes around you again you will contact the authorities! You have to be very clear. I am sorry you are going through this but karma is a bitch lol

      Just remember that you deserve better....

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