How do you get over an ex?

I am running out of options, I have gone out on hang arounds with girls and friends. I work out every second day, and I just keep myself as busy as much as I can. I even keep trying to remind myself not to think of her. It just does not work, what else can I do to get over her?


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  • 1. Cognitive behavior therapy-if you can associate something yucky with her and conjure up those bad physical effects when thinking of your ex it can work...

    2. Are you really ready to stop thinking about her? If you really and honestly want to let her go then you will. But if while at the gym, with friends, etc. you are obsessing then how are you really trying to get over her? This could be counter-productive for you.

    3. This is corny but some women do it...

    Do a ritual, write down the things you liked and didn't like, write about your pain and happiness with her, write about the fact that you are mad for allowing yourself to ponder to the point of distraction. Then forgive yourself for your mistakes, forgive her if she made mistakes.

    Then burn the paper. Get a mantra, or a happy picture nothing related to her and when you need a pick me up use mind focus to think of positives not negatives.

    You have to will yourself to get over it..And it will be tough at times but if you really want to make this change you will. Best of Luck!


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  • The more someone tells you not to do something the more you want to do it. So the more you tell yourself to forget her the more you'll think of her. Keep doin what your doin. Smile and say positive affirmations remind yourself that you are great! Don't obesses over dating again. woman can smell the desperation from a mile away. Let it happen on its own pluse why lead someone else on? Karma.


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  • You probably have heard this a lot, but the only thing that works is time. Time will heal everything. Until than stay strong and keep busy, try working out in the gym and doing things to improve yourself.

  • Start dating some new girls. They will quickly get your mind off your ex.

    • Ive tried it lets just say at the time I wasn't in the right frame of mind to that I'm ready to date I can't seem to get one if my life depended on it lol

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