Was he ever sincere?

I don't want to get into details. He was loud and happy and friendly when we first met. He got to know me and see I wasn't the party girl type like he is and though we both haven't had relationships, he is a slick talker. He got to know me and see me as a person and then became shy, and vulnerable. He started to dress up more, his friends were nice to me, and they would often leave us alone. I didn't take it further because I didn't know how and on the last day he blocks me from fb and on his quotes writes, "and have no regrets in life". My mutual friend told me all this and I was so shocked (although he was distant that day) that I send him a msg saying he's immature and rude but I did like him, I was just shy. he stares through our finals, comes by where I am during Relay 4x, and then next week too. Since he wasn't talking, I avoid him. A weekbefore college gets out (we're graduating), I see him at yogurt place with his friend. I go to my car but then come back and his friend gets silent and he says "hey". I ask if "we can talk" and he moves closer and says "sure what's up?" I wanted ot talk alone but I guess he didn't want to and I 'm sure he got that's what I meant. So I just try to be the bigger person and say "I just thought I should say bye" and try to show I'm not angry. He is shocked and his body opens up and he hugs me goodbye, a 7-8msec. He and his friends exchange looks as I go in my car and call my best friend. He and his friend were super loud when I was in the store but after I actually talked,they were quitely talking. They get in his car but before he gets in he looks at me, confused and happy. I see him at our ceremony the next day looking at me with my family. When I realize he's staring, eh looks down, and is still smiling. I take my family away because I just I don't even know if any of it was ever real to him or he just was attracted to me like most guys (I am pretty and work really hard for my body and school work).

He hasn't unblocked me from fb. And about that, why would he block me to begin with? We never kissed, dated anything official or obvious certainty.


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  • That is really weird, and honestly I would probably just let that guy go.

  • Are you sure he was shy and vulnerable or maybe you were too shy for him?

    • I remember the second time after we started talking. He and I were inches apart and both of us were waiting for the other person to speak first. I didn't. The next day I bump into him before going into class and he says "hey" but very distantly. So then after class I waited for him to talk to him and he was open again. But my friends did say I was taking it to slow. AND he talks from the popular crowd script whereas though I have those type of friends, I'm unconventional...and do my own thing.

    • He does like me better when he sees me with his type of crowd (those social prpeppy type).

    • But I mean we aren't in highschool. Why does it have to be such fake flirty type of conversations... I think he's all convention and I'm completely a freak. My guy friends say I'm awkward but in a cute way...ughhh but they are guy friends. For a guy who likes me, I'm sure it's hell.

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