What's the best way to ask him what he wants?

hes in the army we hung out every day for a week he seemed really into me but he went back home today, he said he hopes I stick around for a while but since he's gotten home he's acted weird. I wanna ask him what he wants. what's the best way to ask him?


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  • Try texting him.

    • Well I said I wanted to talk to him about soemthing earlier and he called me but I said it wasn't that important and he said he was gonna take a nap and text me when he gets up. he hasn't texted me that was at 5. I was going to call him by 11 but would that be a bad idea? would it just be better to text it? what should I say?

    • That might be a little late but you could give it a try..

  • Now that your home where do we go from here?


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