I cheated, she's with someone else but wants to be friends?

Sorry this is going to be long, I was with my girlfriend for two years (we are both 24) and got engaged right before I had to deploy. Well about three weeks or so before I had to leave I made a terrible mistake and cheated on her. She and I were going to try to work it out but obviously that wouldn't work with me being gone for a year. She started dating her friend and asked me to give her space to figure out what she wanted to do. After about four months she contacted me and admitted some feelings were still there however she made it clear she as of now wants to be with her current boyfriend, and that she doesn't know if she could ever trust me again. She also said that the only way she could start is when I came back home (I'm stationed 6-7 hours away so she means when I get out).

Its terribly hard for me to talk to her like just a friend, even though she’s with someone I still haven't gotten over here (not to many females I can take out on a date here). I also don't really want to, I know I made a terrible mistake and I am willing to do what is necessary to rebuild what we had. That being said she still wants to talk like we are friends but I am still too emotionally attached to her, so I told her I want to stop bringing it up and I want to leave her alone so she can be happy with her new guy. Well that turned into "she doesn't want to go from engaged to nothing" and got upset with me, that it would be too hard for her to cut me out completely from her life...but I don't know what else to do. I truly want her to be happy even if it’s not with me, but I am not able to be emotionally detached from her right now. Guys and Gals…any advice? Like I said I want her to be happy, even if I’m not a part of it…but sometimes and maybe I’m wrong but sometimes I feel like she wants to stay friends and when I come back something might happen…but I’m not a female

I know cheating is wrong and I made a mistake, that is apparent and please refrain from telling me how much of a dirt bag I am for doing it…Nobody is more disappointed in my actions than I am. Thanks


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  • awesome, you single now that's mad, way too young to get married


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