How do I move on?

I recently broke up with my girlfriend and I can't forget about her. Although I have been thinking of breaking up with her for about a few months now I still want her. She once tricked me when we went out drinking with our friends and while I was in the next room she kissed a guy and she also lied quite a bit during our relationship. I kinda grew a little hate for her because of that because I was so defenseless with her, I tore down all the walls that I usually put up with other people (and that even includes walls I build around me with my family). She was the first girl I really trusted like when I came to the room and I knew something was wrong and I thought that she might've done that because she might've been dared to do that but I brushed it off since I KNEW she won't that to me and that she's not that kind of girl. But she proved me wrong. And what's worse was that her friends hate me because she's always crying and and kinda gave them hints that we were always fighting (although I'm not sure if she really doesn't make me look like the bad guy) It really hurts because I believe I have done nothing to deserve this although I mightve not been a great boyfriend but I know I've been a good boyfriend.

Also, when she did that stunt with the guy when I was in the next room I think we were going out for about a month. So It was hard because I kinda have that hate for her because of what she did and her lies but I still loved her and I even gave up most of my activities for her, and she didn't even make up for what she did. I made my world revolve around her. I have this one GIRL friend (a girl that is a friend) that I talked to when we were having a fall out once when I couldn't take it anymore. So she told me that when she cries and tries to say sorry to me I should call her so that she can remind me of what the girl has done to me, and also during the time we got close to each other and I learned that she liked me but every time I miss my girlfriend I kinda forget all the bad things and remember only the good things and when that happens I don't make any contact with girls (even with my GIRL friends and that one friend I talked about because she doesn't like it and I didn't want her to feel uncomfortable)

I really really love her and still love her. I made my world revolve around her and now I need to move on I think. Although, I still don't want it I still have fantasies of us being together and working things out. I think she's starting to move on now and I although it pains me I think I should too. Even though I still don't want it. But I don't know where to start. What should I do to move on? Especially when we were such a big couple that everyone knew and people always ask about us and when I say we broke up they always said that we will be back together or that they say that its a waste because we were such a good couple, and it kinda makes it harder if people do that.

Also, she always said before that what she did was only a mistake and that she kinda made it look like it wasn't that big of a deal. So for girls, would you do that to your bf? even if it is unintentional can you do that to him?
For guys, is it really that small of a deal?


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  • I have to ask you

    1. Is she the only girl in the world?

    2. Do you have the skill to go out tomorrow and attract a different girl that you desire?

    3. Do you value yourself and have enough self respect for yourself to leave something behind?


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