Does Real Love Still Exist?

I loved a girl... she cheated on me..
after brkup... I fall im love with another girl... and she also cheated on me...
does real love still exist?


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  • you love to easily... or you don't know what love really is


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  • Yes it does. Don't settle and watch for red flags.

  • Sounds like you fall in love very easily.

    • u may say like this...
      but here both the girls are same...
      one girl cheated me twice...
      and i still love her...

    • You fell in love with two girls very easily. I fell in love with someone 3 years ago and haven't stopped loving them since. And we haven't been together for most of that time :/

    • in my question i wrote 2 girls...
      but in real both are same...
      after she cheated on me bcz of a boy, he just played with her emotions... and left her broken.. I met her after almost 2 years and again we commited... this time she was totally different.. thats why i wrote another girl... she cheated on me twice.. and left me 2 years back.. still i love her... full of my heart... and will always love her...

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