How do I let this girl down easy?

So I have been talking to this girl for probably the last 2-3 weeks. We've hung out 3 times and we've visited each other at work too.

So she texts me all the time, and at first I liked it because I thought she really liked me, now I realize it is because she doesn't really have too many other friends. She flat out told me the other day that she doesn't have a lot of friends because she is a bitch. That scares the sh*t out of me

There was another day that she told that she was crying because she realized that everyone that she gets close to ends up just leaving her. And I consoled her the best that I could.

What should I do because I really don't want to talk to her anymore. But I don't want be an asshole and just leave her in the dust, and have her think that everything that she thinks is true. By the way she is really nice and not a bitch to me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Cut off all contact with her. Don't answer her texts, etc. If she can't get along with anyone, you're right she will end up at odds with you. Maybe even recommend her to a psychologist so that she can get some professional help. Sounds as though she needs it.


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