Mystery of the Ex (everyone's ex)?

People emerge from a long relationship like newly born creatures. Trying new things they put off, changing how they behave and think. Why is that? Because they were influenced by the relationship, I guess... The older I get the more I see that who you spend your time with influences you in a very deep subconscious way. Strange thing is that even the person who was a negative influence (according to both people) in the relationship can switch to being better right after leaving the relationship. Why is that? What kept them from doing it before? The mystery of the ex. Why do you think exes can become better so quickly?
  • A. They get off on the attention/drama of being bad in relationships but outside of one they are free to be better.
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  • B. They are too dumb to learn and try new things during a relationship but instantly get smart when they leave & they grow based on memories of what happened.
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  • C. They just pretend to be better to mess with your head
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  • D. Combination of A & B
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  • E. Other
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  • Some people only realize they need to work on their shit after they've left the familiar setting (the relationship) they've been in so long. Being on your own is also a great time to try new things and work on getting to know yourself better. I also think that once you exit a relationship you no longer have no idea about the inner workings of the other person's life anymore. So they might seem better, but that could just be because you aren't seeing them behind closed doors like you used to.


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