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I dated a girl that cheated on me 3 times we broke up finally and I tried moving on. This didn't work so I said I'll be single, then I saw a guy trying to get her so I won her back. We dated but she couldn't leave the guy alone. She talked of change and never did, so to sum it up we broke up again, but I can't move on. I've tried to talk to others but I just stop before I get the nerve, and she won't leave me alone. She claims she is sad when we are together because she alway stresses me out but won't change so that I can trust her again. Then we break up and she feels like she took me forgranted because I took care of her. I don't know what to do my mind tells me to move on but my heart won't let me.


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  • cheating three times sounds like a big deal. If someone is truly sorry, then they WILL make the effort to change, but it doesn't seem like that's gonna happen with her. I just recommend u try to move on


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  • You just gotta get involved with something you're passionate about and distract yourself from your thoughts, both of you are still young so maybe you saw her one way and she doesn't want to change into that person, you can't force her to be who you want to be. That's not a relationship you can grow into. Focus on yourself. Her apologizing is just guilt feelings, let it be and move on.

  • Do the adult thing and block her. It's hard and it hurts, but you need to think about the future. You can't have a good relationship with someone who treats you so horribly. You want to be happy, right? Well, you'll be happiest with someone who hasn't betrayed you multiple times and who is capable of respecting you. When you find some who loves and respects you, you'll realize how silly you were to put up with such crap. It's ok though because we've all been young and put up with crap because we hadn't had the experience to know better. Now you know better and can take this experience with you in the future to realize if someone is treating you horribly and not make the same mistake of staying with them.


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