Should he forgive me or never talk to me ever again?

Ive known this guy since 4th grade and he really liked me. He told everyone even my sisters. When he told me I was happy but I didn't want anyone to know. So I was so mean to him I made fun of him and everything. A few years ago he moved away and I haven't seen him since. I was on face book just a few days ago and I came across his face book so I decided to add him. He still hasn't excepted my add and I think its because he still is mad at what I did to him. I just want to say I'm sorry to him but I don't know where to start. I really want him to forgive me because even though its hard to admit I will always like him and I know he has probably moved on but I just want him to know I'm sorry. Should he forgive me or never talk to me ever again?

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  • He might forgive you if he has gotten over it and moved on. But it seems to me he's the type to hold a grudge. Either that or he's still not sure how he feels about you and is weighting his options. I wouldn't worry about it though, you have made your peace with the matter because you are sorry and you are attempting to make things right. If he refuses to forgive and forget well then its his loss.

    Hope that helps :)

  • no


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