Why does my cheating ex boyfriend keeps sending me emails asking me not to hate him for doing what he's done?

he told me from day one, that I was to be only with him.

He said he was not with any other woman. During the year he would send me emails apologizing for being so hateful when he was distant. Last December he emailed me to tell me he was with another woman the whole time & he wouldn't be contacting me anymore. But yet he still keeps emailing me to apologize and ask me not to hate him. He wants to be friends on Facebook, but he has a pic of him and his girlfriend on his. I told him I've moved on and am happy, but he won't stop. Why is he doing this? Is he not happy with his decision?


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  • I think he wants to keep in touch with you in case his current girlfriend breaks up with him. So, he wants to have you lined up. I would inform him in an email message that you will from now on block his address and that he should stop emailing you. Change your phone number and block him in your email. Refuse to play his game. And, I think you're absolutely right when you suspect that he is not happy.

  • Typical two-timer. Ignore him, he seems so needy. I'm sure he doesn't care about the cheating or anything, he's just desperate for attention- attention wh0re.


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