Break up or stay?

If you love somebody and they say they love you but they don't keep their promises(I've talked and argued about it like twice a week at least, given ultimatums, etc.), should you follow your heart and stay or get out of it before you waste even more time?

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  • you have to concentrate to keep relationship strong as before. and abot the thing of listening to heart than please listen that from heart which make ur relationship better not making distance between you two. once you people again close with each other everything will be fine. just try hard to get more closer.and about argument . its happend when two people love each other but try to remove it. when it wil be completely removed you will feel same as before when you fall in love with ur partner


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  • Depending on the Promises. Are they reasonable, such as "Please be honest, and call me just enough to show me you care.. show me you love me. Promise me I'm the only one for you" etc.? If you are asking for promises like this, without being demanding, and he can't provide those simple things.. Showing affection within his comfort zone, etc. Then it may be time to move on. Especially if he hasn't responded to an ultimatum. You might be overwhelming him nonetheless, kindness works better in all situations whether you feel like he deserves it or not. If you really want to work it out then try to speak to his heart about what is bothering you instead of intimidating him into fixing his behavior (I am assuming that's what you have been doing where you said you've given multiple ultimatums.)

    • By "only one for you" I meant some reassurance that he isn't cheating, if your relationship has come down to suspicions like this. If he isn't sure if you are "The One" then that's normal, depending on the person.

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