Possibilitie of cheating?

if u randomly ask ur girl when was the last time u two had sex and sje can't recall at all does it mean sjes been having sex so she can't recall because of that?


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  • either she's cheating or you guys don't have sex enough

    • but thats the thing i stay tryna get close to her but she doesn't on tye contrary i feel every time i try she rejects more and more

  • It really depends if you guys did it just a few days ago. But some people forget easily. Some people have short term memory. Some people feel like it was long time ago but the date was not that long ago.

    1. I know, some people can't recall when they had sex. It's whether they can't recall the last time they had good or great sex.
    2. Some people have short term memory
    3. They been too busy for hours to weeks then they might not recall that they had sex last time.
    4. They maybe won't remember the time and date.
    5. Some only remember doing it but don't remember when they did it.
    6. They might start guessing because they don't remember or... they been having sex with other people that they can't recall having sex with their own partner.

  • It could mean that she had sex very long ago - that she can't recall at all.

    • her "last time" was with me and it was not longer thab a week

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