How to know if it is time to break up?

I have been with a guy for a year, and I do love him. But I'm starting to wonder if I should stay or break up. It will really hurt and I feel like I don't want to, but then on the other hand I feel like I do, it keeps niggling at me in the back of my mind. What do you think I should do?

Reasons to end it:
We live several hours apart with no end in sight to this situation.
I feel like he wants more space than I do.
I don't feel loved or missed when apart.
We don't see each other often. Only once every few weeks... sometimes 1x a month.
We don't have in depth conversations often.
I feel like he isn't that interested in what I'm doing.
We fight all the time over small things and it turns ugly fast.
We don't go out and do things together like dates etc, more just chilling. And it seems like I'm the only one who minds this, as I've brought it up before but he still only really wants to chill and watch tv or walk around the mall.
He doesn't seem to share my love for travel and going places.
He is a bit foolish with money, has lots of things he is paying off, and wants to build his next home with crazy expensive ideas in mind for stuff like big garage for his 3 cars he will buy, but I want to buy something second hand that I could actually afford and look after my financial future... maybe have a family.

Reasons to stay:
I love him.
I can imagine a future with him.
we've been together for over a year and both want a future.
I'm happy most of the time when we are together.
We have fun together.
Share the same sense of humour, similar moral values.
We both don't really drink and both introverted.
The sex is amazing.
We cuddle often when together.
When together I feel loved.
He does try to be a good boyfriend.
+1 y
I broke up with him... he pretty much said two words and that is all. I guess he wasn't too keen anymore either then.
How to know if it is time to break up?
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