My girlfriend broke up with me because of my fears and insecuritys. What should I do?

I met this girl in the beginnig of the year. Since the beginning we create a bound to damn strong. We did everything together and we start to grow felling for eatch other. Everything was amazing. Our talks our moments alone. I can treasure everyone of those moments. i started playing an online game with her. And everything turns south. I start to get jealous of the way she treat the guys in the game. And the way they treat her. I spoke to her about it. And she said that wasn't nothing to worry about. That all of that was just a game and shouldn't mess with our relationship. Still her behavior kept being the same. When i try to talk to her again. She pushed me away. And she end up asking me to dont talk to her. And wait for her to say something. She end up breacking up with me. Now im have been through all my mistakes. My insecuritys and all my fears and i asked her about for a last chance. As i promised her that the behavior that end up with our relationship wouldn't happend again. At the moment she ain't talking to me. Cause i asked other people about her. What do you guys think i should do? Ps: Sorry for the bad English


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  • Give her time. You have seen that when you try to talk to her she pushes you away.


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