Ugh! It's me versus his Barbie doll ex girlfriend?

The guy I like is still in love with his ex and they broke up over a year ago. This girl is gorgeous she looks like Barbie in every physical way. Obviously she had a good personality because he fell head over heels for her. In the end, he told her how he felt and then she decided it wouldn't work.

Here I am not even in the same league as 'her' but I think I will make him happy. He thinks I am 'hot' but she is 'beautiful." I am the sweet one and she is on a pedestal. UGH! What can I do to get out of the damn friend zone? I tried flirting and we do but nothing more has evolved.

If he hasn't forgotten about Barbie in a year then maybe it's a sign? HELP ME!


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  • Exactly: it is a sign. You should move on. Sounds like he's powerfully fixated on her, and will continue to be. And that can only spell trouble and heartbreak for you if you get involved with him. Do you want to spend days trying to measure up to some "Barbie"? Look for a guy who's not burdened by such a fixation

    • It's really sad but you are right. Thanks.

    • You are welcome. I wish you the best of luck

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