Girls, Fight for her?

Trying to figure out best thing to do, were going out things were great we spent time together, flirted over text, made out fooled around a bit. She said I was the most amazin guy and couldn't believe she found someone like me that was supportive and helpful and that I made her so happy and a better person. Then after a month she put up a wall and said things were going to fast she's not sure she should even be dating after 20 year relationship and we should slow down and go back to just dating. Over the next 2 months we went on exactly 2 dates. She stopped flirting w me and barely touched me at all. Our families spent almost every other day together and I built a relationship with her and her kids. Outside of physical contact things were still great, but she had put up walls and didn't give much chance to let her feelings grow. Then out of no where she breaks up with me saying that she's not giving me what I need and I deserve better and she's going to take time and work on herself and see counseling so she can move on from her ex husband. She still texts me all day everyday. It's been 5 days I got back online looking for someone to talk to and see she reactivated her dating profile and is online looking. I thought all this time she was scared to move on cuz that's what she said and couldn't figure out why she'd want to keep spending so much time with me if had no feelings for me. I love her and seeing her looking again hurt me. I don't know what to do in this situation. Should I say something? Keep being friends with her? Fight to get her back?


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  • I have gone through the same exact thing. She is doing the right thing and being completely honest with you. She knew she wasn't ready to jump into another relationship but she tried anyways.

    Sometimes we don't realize how broken a previous relationship/marriage has made us until we carry that pain on over to our next relationship in hopes that person will help us. Only then we realize how unfair we are being and how much you don't deserve this.

    After ending my last relationship, months later I started a new one. One day we are laughing and enjoying each others company. Next day I am telling him that i want to take things slow or that he doesn't deserve me. My boyfriend chose to stick around and fight for me. It worked.

    So, to answer your questions, fight for her, show her that you can handle anything that comes your way and you'll be there to support her and help her.


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