Long distance relationship problem please read?

I have a long distance boyfriend for 1 year and 10 months. He is the best man I have ever meet and I know we really love each other but yesterday we had a fight and i told him to break up for the first time and he was ok and blocked me just 1 minute later from almost all social media and deleted our relationship status! Luckily he forgot to block one account of mine so I talked with him and made him unblock me. Now we can talk again but he insist on being just friends, however we still do the same things we did before.

He still talks with me on the video call and even agree to watch movies online together, but he say he will stay with me as a friend and he also say he still have feelings for me and he feels hurt to do this to me (breakup). He looked really angry and sad on the video call and so quiet, he said he just had a bad day, because we still have bad mood from the intense situation we passed I guess. He doesn't have anyone else, I have his password on facebook so I can see that he doesn't even talk to other people, especially girls almost at all. He said he won't try to find someone else but said that we won't be like before and we will have again a situation about breakup if we get back together.

Im really really confused!! I can't sleep at night and im really worried because he is really my everything and I know its me who made him break with me because he always like to do what I say and he always listen to me. And also, he tends to be moody like this once in a while but he really shocked me when he blocked me and broke up for real!! He kept saying "we dont fit. We dont trust each other" when I asked him why he did it and he say he can't trust anyone, no matter who it is. But when I asked him on video call why he broke up with me he didn't said anything. And he smiled when I said something sweet to him.

What should I do? Is there a chance he will come back to me? Does he just needs some time to calm down? Please help with any advice.. :(


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  • He might just need some time. Don't push him to get back together. Just let your relationship run its course


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