How to move on post-breakup when it's over due to practical reasons?

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Over half a year ago we broke up because we come from different countries and therefore we don't have a future together, we want to raise our children at home with our own families etc. (I studied in his country, but graduating and moving home now). We haven't talked to each other since the breakup, it would just hurt too much and were supposed to move on and I hope he has. However I haven't, even though everyone I know thinks I have, but the truth is that I miss him every single day. My feelings were exactly the same the day we said goodbye as they were the first day I met him and it sucks that due to practical reasons it's over. In other breakups, I've reached that threshold, the one where you just had enough and it feels right to end it even if every practical aspect is right, now it's the opposite. I never reached that break-up threshold with him, it never sucked and I feel I cannot not care about him, It just ended for no emotional reasons.

No matter what reality says, no matter how right my brain knows it is, he's a human being that I love.
I wish I could just delete everything and move on.

Sooo, any tips?


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  • Thoughts of him will always come to your mind as other things in the past do. Best thing to do is erase him from contacts and all social media. Go out on dates be with friends explore new hobbies. It does suck that you two broke up because of your different countries situation but the world is changing why settle for your own people from the same country. Last thing you can reach out to him and both of you talk and see how that goes if it's not in equal terms end it for good.


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