How long does it normally take you to get over getting your heart broken?


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  • How long was you with him. I was with my ex wife for 6 year and since we had a kid together, It was easy. When my daughter was born, I'd already made my mind up that for the safety & our childs welfare, I'd keep my mouth shut, but I wasn't happy anymore. I guess I'm trying to say is the longer you're with someone and 100%committed, the longer for the pain to subside. But you can speed it up by NOT staying home, going out with friends, dont drink alcohol, and stay active. You didn't mention children? GOOD LUCK!!😊

    • I've known him for like 10 months and just been good friends for like a month

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  • I can adapt quickly , and control my emotions so even if I still have feelings for a guy after a breakup I can easily let go and move on.

    I can't control my feelings only my emotions , so I don't hold onto the pain of the breakup. I keep busy and focused , so gradually my feelings fade , but only coz I allow them to. Time doesn't heal the pain of a broken heart , it's what you do with your time that heals it

    • Me too and I dont know why. It's an art to possess. I don't flaunt it tho.

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  • You don't get over it. The feelings begin to fade and you move on with your life.

    • Yeah so I'm a way you do get over it

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    • When you find a great partner who feels the same way about you, experiences like this will make you appreciate them even more.

  • That is a question for which there is no answer.
    For example, my first girlfriend broke my heart one week before I turned 21. That was in 1978. I am not over it.
    What she did left me psychologically incapable of feeling romantic love for a woman.


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