I don't know what to do with my life after we broke up

I need help in coping with this break up I'm 20 he was 30. He has a child and working and I'm going to school. We were friends first and he seemed so honest and sweet. We broke up over a month ago because I was tired being in denial that he had other girlfriends and was cheating on me. He would be on Facebook telling how much he missed some girl and saying he need them in his life and stuff like that. the thing is I'm sure he's over me even though he'll say he want to see me and stuff. I know he has a lot of friends and relationships. I don't have any friends or have a relationship. I still miss him and he doesn't know it or probably care. so I've been trying to move on but I can't really take my mind of him cause he was basically my life . I don't have anything to take my mind off him or anyone to take my my of him.its hard cause I know he know that my life was nothing without him.how can do something to cope with this ?

thanks I really hope I won't be like this forever, so I guess only time will tell so thanks for your advices it very comforting


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  • I think you need to move back in with your family or friends, and find some common ground. You need to stay away from him, because it seems he no longer has any interest to keep you in his life. I know that's harsh, but it's better than spending a year or more hoping things might return to "normal".

    Keep yourself busy. Go back/finish school and concentrate on a future of your own.


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  • I'm pretty sure you will get over him once you find someone better just give it some time.


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  • How long were y'all together? Hunny, it took me 9 months and counting to get over my relationship of 3 1/2 years. He was my everything. I moved away from him and back home so I could get my life together and it is barely together and it has been 5 months now. Honestly, I still get sad sometimes because he was such a huge part of my life but you have to move beyond it and think of it as a new beginning and that what is meant to be will be. My ex did the same thing on fb and it hurt me a lot. Plus a lot more. You deserve BETTER and you need to be treated with respect. You need a man who knows what he wants and will love you the way you would want to be loved. I know you feel in a way that you weren't good enough, but it will go away. You will slowly get stronger and be able to not talk to him and give into him trying to stay in your life. You have to really try to find something you are interested in and keep busy. What has happened to me recently is that I developed a crush out of no where for this one guy I work with and he is completely opposite to my ex and has all the qualities I would love in a man. It was like one day that horrible feeling I had in my gut just went away and I was confident again. I can't tell you when it will happen but it will. My ex tried to come back, but he showed his flakey ways again soon after. I ended up being so fed up now we just chat every once in a blue moon. All I can say is only accept him back if he is willing to change everything and PROVES it, otherwise like me, you will move on and be happy one day. I promise :) I still haven't filled that spot but falling for a new guy and seeing what else is out there will really open your eyes and give you tons of hope.


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