Why does he text his ex wife?

She is constantly texting him sometimes about his children others about herself. I understand they must have a relationship for the sake of the children but there are boundaries. She flirts with him and invited him to her house. She is married. I told him that she is not respecting our marriage and he thinks I'm just jealous. He erases the texts so I don't read them but I read some of them.


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  • I totally side with you. I think it's horrible that the two of them keep that sort of communication going. Obviously neither of them has closed that chapter of their lives. They are not over each other. I don't know if an additional reason for her to do it is to upset you. You have every right to be upset. If I were in that situation, I know it would be a hell for me, and would absolutely demand from him to discuss it with me. I really wish I could offer you some advice (I know you haven't asked for it though). This situation sounds really serious to me. I would try talking to him one more time, and explain to him that your marriage is in jeopardy because he keeps crossing those boundaries. If he still continues to do it...I'd seriously reconsider whether I would want to continue.


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