Hello everyone... I'm new here... my problem is... I broke up with my ex girlfriend 1 year ago.. I've been trying to bring her back again but she still refusing... life without her Is horrible.. I wanna forget about her.. I need help...


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  • It's easier when you don't see or hear about him. It also helps a lot when you block him on fb coz even a simple picture of him can be devastating and remind you of the good times you shared.


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  • Ending a good relationship is always hard. Right now it might feel impossible to forget but you have been trying to get her back and that makes it harder to forget. What you need is about a full year of dating other people. Or just focus on yourself. If you have anything that will remind you of her you should either give it back or get rid of it. Also if you don't think you two can be friends you should delete her number and facebook. I know this sound extreme but if you want to seriously forget this will help. overall forgetting about her won't happen in a day you will have to force yourself to forget and move on.

    • the problem is that I can't find someone to date...

    • Are you dating to find the perfect person because dating like is something you don't want. In relationship people argue and don't agree on most thinks. Go into a date with a goal to learn more about the person. Also if that doesn't work pick up a new activity and meet new people.

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