Why does something always prevent me from being able to connect or even simply talk freely with any guy?

We've been 5 months or so apart. The first month was horrible. I had panic attacks and I couldn't get myself to focus on anything after the breakup. I couldn't sleep for days and I was always tired and sometimes fainted. It got better and now I live a normal life.. I miss him still. But whenever a guy tries to talk to me I back off. I can't even have friends that are guys because I don't feel comfortable sharing myself as in my feelings and thoughts or anything with anyone after him. Something stops me every time. No one interests me at all. It's like my feelings are turned off. I've gotten harsher and I'm more abrupt with guys. I try but I can't help it. How does it stop?


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  • You have put ur problems here in public that is quite an achievement in itself considering what u have written above, so u should be happy with urself on that and coming back to the point u should probably give urself some time and take a vacation somewhere. And try to share the same thing with someone u know in person.

    • Thank you. I did try with my friend but then she was the dead end type where she likes depression more... then I felt like there was a jealousy issue from my relationship so I stopped talking to her about things. Thank you for your optimism though!

    • I m sure u have more than one friends

  • You still have a Piece of his Heart tucked Somewhere inside you, it seems :)

    PS:it would do good to divert your mind away from Guys as an important Source of Happiness. You're Young, Long life ahead. Cheers :3

  • Remember they are people too, and most of the times they want to talk and be friendly


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