Reality or Fantasy in relationships?

Fun Fact :According to Studies, a whopping 81% of couples break up within a couple of years and Funny Enough, almost every Couple (almost a whopping 100%) thinks they will stay together (talking about serious relationships here. ) And I find this not only in Teenagers, but in adults too.. What do you think about this


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  • That's a high percentage.
    It would be more beneficent to know the causes of those 81% of separation; though I can take some guesses.

    • Every Reason included, right from Adultery to falling out etc etc. Hope that answers your query

  • All relationships end one way or another

    • My Concern is, something must be Terribly Wrong in our Judgment and Behavior in a relationship, or else Every Couple lives in a Bubble and keeps the toxicity pent up until they can't take it no more, and break up for vague reasons

    • Most people get caught up in the emotions of a new relationship and have trouble seeing red flags in their partner.

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