How to win my ex back?

My boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me two months ago and cut me out of his life completely. The end of our relationship was a little rough as we started arguing really frequently and it got too much. We always were bestfriends for years before dating and in love so I didn't expect him to cut me out of his life completely. As soon as he broke up I started begging, the usual stuff as I was heartbroken. He would completely block me and ignore me but then we spoke a few times only because I contacted him first but he has been pretty cold and mean and doesn't care. I started to work on myself and becoming a better person, I changed myself and realised how immature/needy I was when I was with him and I grew a lot. Although he contacted me first one time when I got into a crash and for the first time we had a good civil conversation. But the last time we spoke he gave me an indication after months saying we could be in each other's lives in the future but not anytime soon bc I stress him out and I felt like it's not fair for me to have to suffer and wait when he's living his life so I sent him a text explaining all my feelings and told him it's soon or never and to stop playing games, it was a little mean on my behalf but I really love him and i stood up for myself, I'm just afraid that he'll think I'm the same old argumentive girl and that he did good by leaving me and think bad things about me rather than the good things. I don't know if I should apologise or not. I usually text him every week or two weeks with a similar type of message and he knows that, so I was thinking of not contacting him for a month.. but I don't know if that would make a difference because he doesn't talk to me. Maybe he would hate me more. I really want him back even as a friend for now and I would do anything to make it happen. I just don't know what to do about the whole situation. Any ideas?
I want to start off by being friends as I don't want to jump into a relationship straight away, the space apart has helped me and made me a better person so i want to show that first and work on making it better and build a healthy friendship before we do anything further


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  • you are a fool. first of all stop begging. love is natural feel it can't be forced. you already spoiled everything by begging. i have been at your place so i know how it feels been ignored and being alone. so i will share you my story.
    my girlfriend broked up with me for some reason. i cried told her i will do suicide without her and begged her to be with me as frnd only but just stay. she denied and blocked me from everything. days past i use to call her message her but she didn't cared. i use to cry alone in my room consoling myself. i was preparing for worlds one of the most difficult professional exams that time. due to her i failed in that exam. i called her and cried she didn't even cared. i was broken and i decided to commit suicide. someone just came into my Life and consoled me not to loose to soon with life. she was just a part of my life and her part has been completed and i should move on. it was. very difficult​ but i tired to console myself and started preparing for exams. this time i cleared my exams and currently i run my own million dollar company only because. my ex begged me last month to get back together 😎 . as soon as she came to know that i have moved on she came all the way begging to me. and now i dont care for her. i have already moved on. so i will suggest stop sending him msgs anymore and tell him through some common frnd you have found some one else and you are happy with your new boyfriend. he will come begging to you. hope it works out. don't beg i request please just try to be happy and one day he will come back πŸ™‚

    • Nooooo I am NOT begging anymore. I used to months ago. I learned from all of that and grew as a person and realised my own worth so I stopped begging and stood my ground. But I'm talking about me and him becoming friends again. I don't want to be in a relationship with him

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    • You don't know me.. I may not a whole package but I'm a model so I have nice looks, I have a great medical career and I have a good caring personality with a kind heart. I'm not a 'child' and you don't know my relationship, how is me wanting to work things out determine that I'm a child.. It shows that I'm strong enough to forgive and that I'm mature enough to be civil

    • i am a business man two years ago i started my own company currently thousand of people work under me i have much more experience and knowledge. then you right now.. i can only suggest you its your life you have every right to take decision. in past year i was there at your place and i made a mistake trusting someone again so i didn't wanted you to make same mistake again. i warned you as a good frnd now you are own. take care and all the best for future. i hope i am wrong about this. stay blessed stay happy πŸ™‚

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  • Speaking from experience I think you should keep a bit of pride to yourself and don't contact him. It's hard and it has become a habit but focus on yourself just as I am also trying to focus on myself and not my ex by myself. I'm going through the same thing but after I tried to fix things the first time and I let go of my pride because I think love matters more and being honest is better but after this.. what your ex has done and said to you. I think yiu should never connect with him again until he does. Honestly let go slowly. Try. I am trying myself and I get so heartbroken when I'm not doing something that keeps me busy but it's nice to have a backbome and your own pride a bit

    • and what if he never contacts me?
      Well this is what I was saying, I usually text him every week or two. So I was going to not contact him for a month, and see if it's made a difference. If it hasn't then I will let go

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    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚it's my first day on this app. I think we have to comment back on here to keep talking

    • You can private message people too haha!

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  • You're not getting him back. Time to move on and try to be a better girlfriend for the next guy.

    • How do you know

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    • You're only prolonging your own misery.

    • Well if it works, it works and if it doesn't then fine, but at least I tried

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  • Omg please don't contact him. You need to let go and find someone else

    • Not the answer I was looking for lmao

    • Bc it's not what you want to hear?

    • It's not about what I want to hear. I know what I want, I was looking for how to approach that situation..

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