Ladies! Do I tell her off?

So my ex girlfriend who i was in love with for 4 years we broke up 5 months sgo, she cheated on me not sexually and put me through shit , like i was going through the toughest time already and she did that to me , it affected my academics, my career, everything went down hell from there. I don't want to get into details but throughout these 5 months she texts me every now and then and when I see her texts it ruins my day, and all I want is to call her and tell her that she is a terrible person and tell her how she made me feel and that she shouldn't text me again , so what do you think?
P. s. I had a very high chance of getting scholarships at uni, my GPA was very high but now every thing is ruined and so you should she has hurt me before, I got fired from my job etc..
She did apologise when we broke up but I just have the urge to call her and tell her everything she has done.
Thanks for your help.


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  • The problem with dumping a load of hostility on to your ex is that you probably want and expect them to care. Unfortunately they might not, regardless of any apology that they have offered you. It may not affect their life one bit. How much good would it do you if she just rejected everything you said? People who are freely able to do shitty things don't always have enough of a conscience to care about the impact, except for the few short moments after they are caught.

    I would suggest trying to get this poison out of your system in your own ways, without trying to get a form of closure that you may never get. She's your ex now, she's not likely to be the solution to your ills.

    • This guy. Listen to him.

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    • Try to tell her that she contacting you is only stopping you from moving on with your life and rebuilding it, so you would like her to stop until you decide to talk to her. Unless you just want her to fuck off without any decency, then yes. Just block her, but forget about ever re-establishing contact with her.

    • @ivaneh
      Blocking then. Lol

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  • It's understandable you want to get all this off your chest, you want to make her understand all the shit she put you through. It's your decision overall, but I'd do it. She sounds like tool.

  • success is the best revenge~ don't engage her and let your awesomeness speak for itself.


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  • if you want to do that, best thing I'd say is wait for her to reflect positively on your past relationship. saying she misses you or something. ask to meet for coffee, then just blow her up with it all.


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