Seeing ex to get my stuff back?

So tomorrow I'm going to see my ex to get my stuff back and give her any of her things back. A while back I had a bunch of photos of us together printed out. I'm going to keep a few as they bring back some good memories. Should I offer to give her the rest of them and say I've kept a few or should I just leave them all? I still care about her as I loved her very much and I probably would have taken her back but I no longer feel hurt like before. We broke up as she said the relationship didn't make her feel good anymore and it wasn't a future that she could see. We did not argue at all for that month and it kind of came out the blue. However she has been hanging out with another guy and his band. (she said we are very similar however he's not good looking at all). Perhaps she has grown attached to him over the weeks. Either way it had surprised me that she ended things as we had a good balance. Only problem was we seen each other a bit too often. It sucks to let go of all the good things but I believe it will turn out better for me as she has been very draining


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  • If you're going to move on then actually MOVE ON.


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