Broke up. 2wks later he text "what's up?" I waited three days and said sorry I was busy. No reply. I have sent him 2 messages since. Nothing. Why?


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  • He broke up with you why care? Try and move on and don't contact him.

    • @akadatank44 because after 2 years its hard not to care about someone. And if he didn't, then why didn't he messaged me

    • Moment of weakness maybe. Obviously doesn't want to talk anymore. So your best bet is to try and move on. I know it's hard and yes some people will just call it quits and not care after 2, 5, or 10 years. Its happens and I know it sucks but this is what's going on.

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  • don't worry he will reply... he maybe anger at your late reply bit he will contact you soon again

    • @zhb94 do I just ignore him til then? It's been two weeks since he said what's up... I've sent three short Hey messages since. Nothing Crazy or anything. But nothing.

    • wait for two or three days more and then call him and said i got your message and whatever you want... and then see what kind of tone he has for you

    • and please try not to get emotional or too much excited

  • don't text him anymore, wait and hope he replies is all you can do.

  • Shouldn'tve waited.


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