A fiance found out about his spouse's past (which she kept secret n hid) and he is upset and geting distnt from her, how should she win him after dis?

The couple went in a party where all of a sudden one of his wife's exes showed up (whom she introduced to him as friend) with one of his female friend who was drunk and knew knew about their relatn. Now when the ex introduced her (drunk friend) to them (couple) she blurted out by saying ("oh, she's the one whom you and your frend used to bang together for long time") which bought the would be husbnd into shock and humiliation as other people also heard her comments about his wife. N after that humiliation he left the party with his wife (would be) and then he confronted her next day, she felt the fear and finally said the truth that whatever he heard last night was true and she hid it from him to not lose him as he was a virgin and did'nt belive of sex b4 marraige. Now he can't sleep due to the shame he has to face in ftont of everyone in the party and loss of respect and also because of the images that started coming in his mind about his wife banged by multiple partner, oral, swallow, lick, etc etc and due to which he felt distant from her but never misbehaved with her, the wife however is trying to make him speak up n after long attempt she made him speak where he said all about the images, humiliation etc, he is encountering bcoz of her, n unable to touch her... he said that in polite manner, so now what should the wife do, how can she bring back his reputation, n how can she make him come out of it as she knows he's a very good man. It happened to one couple n she uploaded it in differnt site, what do GAG members think about it?


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  • Well the wife is at fault here... she shouldn't keep those things as a secret. A man who made his woman his wife, that mean his trust is depended onto her. They shouldn't keep secrets from each other. She should tell everything to him, so there wouldn't be some misunderstanding. & never go to places that you know you will run into your exs & never ever introduce your ex to your spouse. Its wrong.

    As for the husband, its normal for him to feel that way. Because he made her his wife, that mean she is a really special woman to him. But he got to learn how to get over it. Its all in the past. & there's not much he can do about it. What he can do is to tell her that whatever she do to her exs, she gotta do it 2x-10x better to him. Ex: fuck her hard untill she starts to beg or deep throat him every night...

    • Nd what if she replies that she does'nt owe anything to him just becoz she did them with all her exes and insted she says he is the wrong person here as he can't get uot of her lying thing.

    • She's the one who kept a secret from her husband. So does have to make up to him. She doesn't have to owe anything to him, its really up to her. My example is for her to treat him like a king. By doing those things she Will keep reminding him that she loves him very much. He is not the wrong one to feel mistrusted about her lying. He is wrong if he keeps getting mad about it and starts treating her differently.

    • You are ri8 but how will she understand that people (husbands) also have emotions, respect, feelings, ego, etc in practical life n its not easy to deal everything n forgive everything else a woman does as if it is nothing serious

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