Do I Still Have a Chance With My Ex-Boyfriend?

We've been together for five months. I'm his first girlfriend. He's in his mid twenties. We had a couple days break a week prior to the break up because of the constant fighting of me being jealous, and yes, I admit I caused a lot of the fights. We got back together and had a great week, talking about how we were happy, went out and spent time together.
He went to a party, and all I asked was for him not to get too drunk and to call me, and he replied saying I was being controlling recently. I didn't wanna fight so i let it go and apologized, and he did too. That morning, I texted him how much I appreciated him and loved him, and all he said was "can we meet?" He broke up with me saying how he has changed- he doesn't see me the way he once did before. That our spark was lost and he couldn't find it in the last week. How he doesn't see me in his future. While he was saying all of this, he was holding me, saying "i love you" etc.
For the next few days, I did the worst possible thing- beg and cry for him to take me back. All I got was "I'm sorry" "Give it time". Then the day I decided to lay off was when he told me that night at the party, he vented to his friends about what happened to us on our break, and they told him that he should leave the relationship. And he did just that. So I got pissed, sent him my final good bye message and he replied: "I got your message and I appreciate it. All I ask for now is time and space for ourselves to figure things out. You live your life, and I'll live mine. I'll talk when I'm ready. But I can't guarantee that it'll be the same as before. Just know that I still really care about you, and I hope you're doing okay."
Fast forward to today. We've kept our snap chat streak, he sends me pictures everyday and he's been updating his story a lot more. So yea, I texted him today asking how he is, and he said "it's too soon to talk." Talk about what? Getting back together? If he still sees us fixing things? If he permanently wants me out?


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  • I would move on


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